Amenities Included In All Inclusive Vacations


Many amenities are included in an all inclusive vacation package. Some packages a whole list of activities. One could either pick and choose the activities of interest or try out all of them if time permits.

Room amenities include a variety of options like flowers and wine upon arrival. Some resorts provide a basket of assortments like scented body oils, aromatic teas and other enticing products. Private pools, Jacuzzi baths and private patios are provided by most resorts. Suites which have private pools usually have their own sauna and a lounge area with CD stereo. Complimentary room service is also added on some packages. This is useful when you don’t feel like getting dressed up for dinner. These packages also include taxes and service charges.

Outdoor amenities include water sports, cruises, treks and sometimes safaris. Islands like Antigua and Jamaica have all inclusive resorts which include non-motorized water sports.. Some of these sports are snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, wind surfing and sailing. There are experienced staffs available to take lessons from. Some resorts include unlimited golf, tennis and use of their gym equipments. They provide exercise and yoga classes too. Volleyball courts with equipments and water polo are some of the other activities included. There are many all inclusive resorts that are kids friendly. They include passes to different theme parks in the nearby area. Kid clubs in the resorts organize activities enjoyable for children like parties and games. Some resorts are free for kids below the age of 12 and provide free passes for food and activities like whale watching, swimming with dolphins, island tours and rock climbing.

Special packages are also available depending on the person’s interest. Wedding packages offer services like legal fees, organizing the services, champagne, marriage license, wedding cake, standard bouquet and gifts for the bride and groom. Car rentals for a limited period of time, spa usage, and massage parlors are other amenities are available in all inclusive resorts.


Source by Peter Emerson