Discover the Magic of Maui Island in Hawaii


Exciting Spree in Maui

You can book a direct flight to Maui and as you go down the plane, fill your heart with excitement as your adventure will now begin. No matter where your travelling tastes lie, there are plenty of things to do and places to visit in this beautiful island. Ready yourself and be charmed by the magic this island has.

Marvel at the magnificent Maui Beaches

White, black and red sand beaches – every color is present in Maui’s 30-mile coastline. Most of them were even named as America’s Best Beaches. If you are looking for extreme sports like surfing, wind surfing or just soak and get a tan, Maui beaches are the best locations for you. Never forget to take a snapshot of that picture-perfect view to show off to your friends!

Go whale watching.

Another must-do activity when you are indulging in an exciting spree at Maui is whale watching. During the winter months, the Auau channel between Lanai, Maui and Molokai become a safe haven for travelling whales – it’s the best spot in the world to do so.

Take a scenic drive towards Maui’s eastern coastline.

Hana is a small town connected to central Maui by a famous scenic drive. You can make friends with a local and make an outing out of the drive, or get a rental car and explore Hana on your own. On the way to the town, you will see historic St. Sophia’s Church which is your clue that you are already arriving at your destination. The drive involves 600 curves and 54 bridges, making it a truly memorable experience to have when exploring Maui.

Once you’re at Hana, you can take your pick from numerous outdoor activities like lounging by the beautiful black sand beach, visiting the state’s largest Hawaiian temple, venturing further into the Haleakala National Park and hiking up the Pipiwai Trail to see the Waimoku Falls which is a breathtaking 400-foot waterfalls.

Take photos at the Keanae Peninsula.

When you go for a drive to Hana, you can pass by the picture-perfect site of Keanae Peninsula. The rock formations, blue waters and the greenery all add up to one amazing landscape that’s worthy of being framed for posterity.

Puahokamoa Falls.

Located right off Hana Highway, the Puahokamoa Falls actually consists of several falling bodies of water. When exploring it, remember that the more upstream you get, the higher the falls will be and the less crowded the visitors are. About ten minutes upstream, you will see the lower part of the falls which cascades to a height of more than 200 feet.

Swim at the stunning Waikani Falls.

Picturesque, lively and stunning are just some of the words to best describe the Waikani Falls in Maui. The 70-foot high body of water has swimming pools at the bottom which visitors can wade through if the flow from the top is not too high.

See the Wailua Falls and the Seven Sacred Pools.

Another famous waterfall in Maui is the Wailua falls and the Seven Sacred Pools. There are multiple tiers which make up the body of water which stands at a height of 80 feet. Once you get over the magnificent sight of the Wailua Falls, go downstairs and wade through one of the Seven Sacred Pools which a lot of locals and tourists also visit.

Water wonders, whale watching and fascinating views from every side of the city… there is no doubt why Maui is being called the “Magic Isle”. Book a trip to this island and you’ll find your everyday stay captivating you don’t want to end your vacation.


Source by Naima Bellah